When I'm not working I spend time with my fiancé Nicole and our dogs Kweli(white) and Gordo(black) both rescues. The four of us often go hiking on trails around San Diego county as well as trips to dog beach. I also spend time in the garden enjoying the weather and nature. Since the weather is so nice we are members of the San Diego zoo often visiting during off days so we can enjoy all the animals and plants. Lastly what kind of animal lover would I be without a cat? Her name is Sandy, another rescue, she is in the running for laziest cat in the world. These are just a few things that fill my life but they bring me a lot of joy and inspiration.

Originally I am from Porterville California, left home after high school and moved to Morro Bay to surf. Went to Jr. College there and then moved to San Diego in 1996. Been here ever since and I can't imagine living anywhere else.